About Me

Hey there Mama! Thanks for stopping by!

I’m Roz, the writer and designer behind RozKWalker.com which is a blog dedicated to helping moms use their God-given gifts, talents, skills, and abilities (a.k.a. their Superpowers) to make real money from home.

My blog is for you if you’re:

RozKWalker.com is all about teaching moms how to make money from home so they can be there for their kids’ firsts, middles, and futures.

Who am I?

I’m a savvy, work-at-home-mom of two, and a born entrepreneur (I started three home businesses by the age of 10!). I’m a former corporate accountant, consultant and trainer who ditched my 9 to 5 and chose instead to spend that time raising and homeschooling my kids.

To fulfill my entrepreneurial spirit (and to help pay the bills!), I started blogging as well as running a few different home businesses.

When I can sneak in some alone time, I like to create natural skin care recipes, try new vegan recipes, and watch HGTV, Shark Tank or Hallmark movies (I’m a sap for happy endings).

You can learn more about me and my challenging journey to becoming a work-at-home mom here.

So what’s with all the stick people?

I know you’re wondering what’s with all the stick people. They have a special place in my heart.

No, really. They do.

I was a daddy’s girl growing up and my dad was an undiscovered artist. He wasn’t a Picasso or Van Gogh or anything like that, but to me he was the greatest artist ever.

Why? Because he could draw the best and funniest stickmen ever.

And some of my happiest memories with my dad were laughing at the funny stick people we would draw together.

My dad passed away recently and this site full of stick people is my dedication to his memory.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.


If your heart is telling you that you belong home with your kids, but you’re not exactly sure how to make it happen, this site is for you.

I would like to help you with creating a plan, with action steps, on how to thrive at home with your kids. Whether it’s through budgeting and saving enough money to afford to stay home, or through finding work from home that helps you pay the bills, I have lots of resources, tips, and advice to help you make the transition home.

I’m really good at starting successful home businesses, finding legitimate work from home, and managing time so you can arrange your work life around your most important priority–your family. I share what I’ve learned and what’s currently working for me.

I’m also a trained accountant and development consultant (from my corporate days) and can help you in creating a realistic budget, setting financial goals, and living a great life within your means.

I’ve interviewed and hired over a hundred people during my corporate career and even developed a training program on how to interview and get hired. I share all my corporate secrets here to help you get your dream work from home job.

Here are some popular blog posts I wrote to help you get started: